The Giclée(pronounced «yiclé») is a type of high quality printing that consists of depositing the pigment by ink jet in the form of small drops,‘spraying’ the support. The result is an image with a high degree of detail, faithfully reproducing patterns and continuous tone. Its appearance gives the feeling of manual reproduction imitating strokes and brush strokes. It is also known as Fine Art.

Although it is not a totally new technique, it is little known due to its high cost of production and commissioning of the machine designated for this work. The papers and canvases that are used are specific, being universally regulated to achieve homogeneity especially in museums and galleries to certify their value and authenticity.

The main purpose is to achieve faithful reproductions of original paintings and / or drawings, but I have used the Giclée to reproduce a digital image whose result is quite faithful to the simulated tones on the screen, giving the feeling of being directly painted with ink.

Original and copy:

One of the features that stand out is the intensity and depth of the black color in the background, as well as its texture, which has nothing to do with a common digital print. The finish is totally mat and each color has its own intensity and brightness, feeling like individual inks and not as mixtures of colors.

All the details in the background are exactly like in the original file which makes the Giclée one of the best techniques to finally keep digital drawings, taking them to paper or canvas.

This is only 1 of the 2 reproductions currently available in the ONLINE STORE , the other is the direct reproduction of a drawing created with alcohol markers and ink.

To see more details you can take a look at both series, each of 30 copies, all signed, numbered and each one with a certificate of authenticity, both for the paper and the artwork.